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The main objectives of Jharkhand Forest Department include:

  • 1. To sustainably conserve and manage biodiversity-rich ecosystems through in-situ and ex-situ conservation such as National Parks, Sanctuaries, Biological Parks, Breeding Centres and Zoos etc.
  • 2. Protection, conservation and scientific management of 23,605 km² of forest lands of the state to meet the various tangible and intangible needs of the present as well as future generations from the forest.
  • 3. To meet the livelihood needs of rural population in general and forest dependent communities in particular.
  • 4. To reduce pressure on forest through appropriate interventions by way of alternative sources of livelihood.
  • 5. To achieve the goal of 33% of state’s geographical area under forest and tree cover.
  • 6. To carry out research in forestry to improve the management of forest and to address the needs of people who depend on forest for their livelihood.
  • 7. To carry out afforestation and reforestation in non-forest land to increase the tree cover outside forests.
  • 8. To carry out studies on forests & trees with special focus on climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies.
  • 9. To generate public awareness about importance of forests & forestry.
  • 10.To impart knowledge and skill to the forest personnel to develop competence for managing the forest and wildlife resources of the state on a sustainable basis.