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Jharkhand Forests - At a Glance

The State of Jharkhand has a unique relation with forests since ancient times. The word ‘Jharkhand’ connotes area of land covered with forests. Therefore, literally as well as symbolically, Jharkhand is associated with forests. Nature wears her best clothes in this state. The state is endowed with abundant mineral wealth, flora and fauna. Many rivers like Damodar, Brahmani, Kharkai and the Subarnarekha, flow gently adding to the natural charm of Jharkhand. Jharkhand has proudly emerged culturally as an important multi ethnic state. Over thirty two indigenous communities exist harmoniously in Jharkhand such as Santhal, Munda, Oraon, Ho, Paharia, Chero, Birjea, Asura etc. These communities have several colourful nature friendly festivals like Sarhul, Karma etc. in which tribals worships and protect Trees.

The State of Jharkhand lies between Latitude 22° 00' N to 24° 37' N and Longitude 83° 15' E to 87° 01' East. According to ISFR-2021 the State has a geographical area of 79,716 which constitutes 2.42% of the country’s area. The total recorded forest area (RFA) of the state 23,721 which is nearly 29.76% of the geographical area of the state. Of the total recorded forest area, Reserved Forest constitute 18.58%, Protected Forests 81.28% and Unclassed Forests 0.14 % (ISFR-2019).It is indeed a moment of happiness for Jharkhand State that the total recorded forest area has been increased by 109.73 over the last two years.