Palamau Tiger Reserve is headed by Chief Conservator of Forest & Field Director and it has two divisions namely PTR North Division and PTR South Division. Each division is headed by a Deputy Director. PTR North Division has four ranges while PTR South Division has three ranges. Each range is comprised of several Beats and each beat is comprised of sub-beats. Each range is headed by a Range Officer, the incharge of a beat is called Beat Officer or forester while the incharge of a sub-beat is known as Forest Guard. The overall administration of Palamau Tiger Reserve is represented in following chart.















Palamau Tiger Reserve

Divisions Ranges Beats Sub-beats





PTR North Division



Betla 5 Sub-Beats
Quila 3 Sub-Beats


Chhipadohar 5 Sub-Beats
Kerh 5 Sub-Beats
Ambatikar 6 Sub-Beats


Barwadih 6 Sub-Beats
Morwai 5 Sub-Beats
Mandal 5 Sub-Beats
Lat 4 Sub-Beats
Kutku Kutku 8 Sub-Beats
Madgari 8 Sub-Beats




PTR South Division



Mundu 7 Sub-Beats
Maromar 9 Sub-Beats


Garu 7 Sub-Beats
Rud (South) 6 Sub-Beats
Rud (North) 5 Sub-Beats
Sarju 3 Sub-Beats




Baresanr 5 Sub-Beats
Kujrum (East) 5 Sub-Beats
Kujrum (West) 4 Sub-Beats
Adhey 5 Sub-Beats
  Buffer Division also include Mahuadandr Range which is outside the Palamau Tiger Reserve and it has Mahuadandr Wolf Sanctuary.

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