Mahuadand Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary was created over an area of 63.25 Sq. Km. in order to conserve the endangered Wolf species in this identified habitat of theirs. The area with deep gullies comprises Dry Peninsular Sal and Dry Deciduous Forests , drained by Burha River and its tributaries flowing from the hills of Chhatisgarh, and experiences severe heat up to 49°C during summer as well as night frost during winter. Here the average annual rainfall is over 1800 mm. The tree species are Sal, Terminalias, Dhaura, Kendu etc. Ravines covered by thick bushes in Sarnadih and Urumbi forest patches are favoured by the Wolves for making their dens. They prey on village pigs and goats during the evening in addition to small wild mammals such as Hares, Mongoose, Rats, Squirrels small deer and ground birds.