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Palkot Wildlife Sanctuary

Full of forested small hills (Max. 872 M MSL) and undulating terrain, the Palkot Wildlife Sanctuary is situated between 84°25' and 84°45'E longitudes and 22' 00' and 22°40' N latitude. It is spread over an area of 183.18 Sq. Km., traversed by rivers like Sankh, Banki, Painjra, Palamara and Torpa, with adjoining Tapkara Irrigation Dam. The annual temperature varies here between 7' and 40°C whereas the mean annual rainfall is 1030 mm. The sanctuary comprises Dry Deciduous Forests (Dry Peninsular Sal) bearing rich flora consisting of Sal and its associates like Asan, Gamhar, Salai, Piar, Amla, Mahua, Kusum, Mango etc. The mammal fauna consists mainly of Leopard, Sloth Bear, Jackal, Monkey, Porcupine, Hare etc. Frequently seen birds here are Jungle Fowl, Patridges, Koel, Parakeet, Owl and Pheasants.