Singhbhum Elephant Reserve

The Singhbhum Elephant Reserve, the first Elephant Reserve of the Country, was created in 2001 under the Project Elephant, comprising an area of 13,440 Sq. Km. in East and West Singhbhum and Saraikela-Kharsawan Districts (old Singhbhum District) for scientific and planned management aimed at conservation of Elephant habitats and viable population of wild Asiatic Elephants in Jharkhand, ecological restoration of their existing natural habitats and migratory routes, mitigating Human-Elephant conflicts in problem areas, moderating pressure of human and their live-stock on crucial Elephant habitats, protection from poachers, etc. Besides 8910.10 Sq. Km. of non-forest area, the Reserve includes 4529.90 Sq. Km. of forest area, subsuming the entire Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, and has been divided into the management units of Core Area (2577.38 Sq. Km.) and Buffer Area (1952.52 Sq. Km.).