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Topchanchi Wildlife Sanctuary

Lying between 86°06' and 86°15' E longitudes and 23°50' and 23°56' N latitudes, the Topchanchi Wildlife Sanctuary has an area of 8.75 Sq. Km. The forests here are of Dry Mixed Deciduous type with Dry Peninsular Sal in Baneshpur and Bawardaha, the other tree species being Asan, Bijasal, Dhow, Semal, Kendu, Piar, Karam, Siris, Sidha etc. The grassland and bamboo crops are also present. Leopard, Jungle Cat, Cheetal, Barking Deer, Wild Boar, Mongoose, Langur, Jackal, Fox, Wild Dog etc. constitute the mammal fauna here. The Topchanchi Lake adds to the richness of the habitat and is visited by migratory winter birds too.