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Forest Research in Jharkhand



A meeting of Forests Research Committee was held on 26/05/2006 under the chairmanship of Shri R.K. Zutshi, PCCF, Jharkhand. The Agenda of the meeting was circulated vide letter no. 2114 dated 24/05/2006 of the PCCF Jharkhand. A summary of discussion and decisions taken is as follows.

1. Mandate of various forestry research circles/division/ranges.
It was decided after detailed deliberations that State Silviculturist and Plantation Research & Evaluation Circle will continue research programmes in the field of Natural Forests and Plantations respectively. They state Silviculturist shall evolve and submit projects after an assessment of research needs to be carried out for natural forest. The State Silviculturist would also undertake projects for the collections, storage, grading of good quality seeds. Eventually the State silviculturist shall be responsible for suplly of quality seeds to all divisions of the department. This would include identification of CPTs (Candidate and Plus Trees), Seed Orchards/ Seed Stands.

Newly created Research Circle will pursue research in the field of socioeconomic aspects of forests policy and programmes. This would include Joint Forest management and related impact assessment studies in various forest regions of Jharkhand . Some studies and research Projects can be outsourced. Modalities for this need to be worked out.

The PCCF Jharkhand apprised the members that various research projects have been listed and consolidated in National Forestry Research Plan by the ICFRE. This plan should be obtained by CCF Working Plan & Research. After perusal of this National Plan and the chapter on Bihar, research priorities for Jharkhand State can be further prioritized. PCCF Jharkhand shall finalise the priorities after a proposal in this connection is received.

2. Constitution of State Afforestation Review Committee.
A State Afforestation Review Committee had been constituted in 1965. In 1981 a short review was carried out by Late S.K. Seth. There is an urgent need to review these reports. Different afforestation schemes, implemented in the state, suitability of various species on different sites, introduction of high yielding species, integrating various types of afforestation schemes and other related issues can be dealt with by constitution of a fresh Afforestation Review Committee. Sri C.R. Sahay, PCCF, Cum Executive Director, Wasteland Development Board Shall draw a "Terms of Reference" for this committee. He shall also propose the name of officers at various levels who could be members of this Committee.

3. Establishment and maintenance of modern nurseries.
The issue was deliberated and it was felt that there is a need to modernise the nursery techniques in Jharkhand, especially the use of root-trainers, in place of polybags. As a further step in this direction, a well equipped modern nursery may be established in each of the five forest regions of the state. Existing root trainer nursery at Garh-Khatanga may also be well equipped at the earliest. The Afforestation Review, Committee when notified shall also look into the functioning of permanent nurseries created under the scheme of Road Side Plantations.

4. Growth study of plantations raised after the creation of Jharkhand State.
These studies shall be undertaken by Plantation Research and Evaluation Circle. The studies would focus on growth aspects of different species planted under different plantation schemes. Study shall be as per the norms laid down in the National Working Plan Code.

5. Internal monitoring and evaluation of plantations raised after the creation of Jharkhand State.
The monitoring and evaluation of plantations done after the constitution of Jharkhand Sate shall be undertaken under the supervision of CCF, JFM & Monitoring under the guidance of Additional PCCF, Working Plan, Research, JFM Evaluation may seek guidance from the PCCF & ED wasteland development board, the Nodal Officer for FDA Projects. Evaluation shall include the Entry Point Activities as well.

6. Status of Bamboo and Bamboo Natural Regeneration especially in Palamu National Park & Palamu Sanctuary
Study of Bamboo, especially in Palamu National Park & Sanctuary is of great importance. Bamboo health. In these areas has habitat significance. PCCF Biodiversity conservation cum Chief Wildlife Warden shall constitute a team for the study, which shall include the State Silviculturist. The APCCF, Working Plan, Research, JFM & Monitoring may discuss this with the PCCF, Biodiversity Conservation & Chief Wildlife Warden.

There is an urgent need for conducting Silvicultural studies in other bamboo bearing forests areas of the state. Regeneration of Bamboos is an issue, which needs to be addressed.

7. Sample Studies of regeneration status of various hardwood species in high & coppice forests systems.
Sate Silviculturist shall, discuss sampling techniques with the PCCF, Jharkhand. A suitable sampling technique has to evolved to be carry out these studies.

8. Evolving Projects to asses the status of threatened species of flora & fauna.
Projects are to be evolved for studies on species like Wild Dog, Mouse deer and other threatened species. Financial assistance for these projects shall be sought, in consultation with the Government from National & International Donor agencies like IUCN, WWF, Wildlife society of India, Wildlife Truest of India and other donor agencies. A study relating to status of carnivores in Saranda and contiguous forests is also required to be carried out. The PCCF, Biodiversity Conservation & Chief Wildlife Warden may take necessary action to accomplish this objective.

9. Identification of research areas and research needs in JFM & Monitoring shall further identify the mandate and activities to be carried out by this circle.
Projects would be initiated by the newly created Forests Research Circle in this field. The mandate for this circle shall include, research and studies on different aspects of JFM, Forests Policy, Socio-economic aspects of Forests Management, Role of Forests Produce and products in enhancing livelihoods and other such areas. PCCF, Working Plan, Research, JFM & Monitoring shall further identify the mandate and activities to be carried out by this circle.

10. Planting stock improvement.
This shall include establishing Seed Orchards, Seed-Stands, Clonal Seed Orchards, identification of Candidate Plus Trees, Vegetative Multiplication Gardens and other activities to consolidate the planting stock Improvement Programme. This work shall be carried out by the Plantation Research & Evaluation Circle.

11. Evolving Projects for reclamation of mined areas.
Studies & Research Projects aimed at rehabilitation and restoration of mined areas may be initiated for mined areas viz, Iron ore, Bauxite and Coal. Help in this area can be sought from National Research Institutes like ICFRE. If necessary, as a first step, evaluation of existing plantations on mined and reclaimed areas may be carried out. this work shall be within the mandate of CF Plantation Research & Evaluation circle.

12. Other Issues
(i) A sample plot study of 2002 Bamboo plantation in Barwe forest of Ranchi East Division was discussed in the meeting. On the basis of this sample plot study, an immediate need for cleaning and working of bamboo clumps has been found commercially as well as silviculturally necessary. In the sample plots, cleaning working and study thereafter can be undertaken. For this allocation can be provided. In the light of this study, it is imperative to undertake such studies in all Bamboo plantation areas of the state. The possibilities of harvesting/cleaning can be thus explored by the end of this rainy season. This work has to be taken up by the CF Plantation Research and Evaluation and CF Resources Survey Circle. Accordingly, schemes for harvesting of bamboo plantation can be prepared and approval of G.O.I. sought.

(ii) In-situ conservation of medicinal plants in forests of Jharkhand
PCCF, cum Executive Director suggested that a team of officers should go and study similar work in neighbouring state of chhatisgarh. Further action can be initiated after the team submits its report . The PCCF & ED, may therefore, assign two officers to this job.

Forests Research Committee cum
Principal Chief Conservator of Forests