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Action Plan of Biodiversity

Biodiversity is central to the genesis, evolution, survival, sustenance, and disappearance of species. The study of Biodiversity as a discipline, naturally assumes significance in earth's bio-ecology. Its effects are far reaching interms of scientific understanding of existing as well as extinct variants of various flora and faunal taxa including microbiota, as also its socio-economic significance for human survival. Biodiversity indeed is too huge a topic to be packaged in mini capsule. It has extremely wide connotations and is multifaceted.

To comprehend an action plan for the state biodiversity tantamount to chatering a course for conservation strategies for biodiversity of the states encompassing all known and dimensions of the unique world of biodiversity. It is worse mentioning that what is true of Jharkhand is true of national action plan on the subject. Action plan for the biodiversity of the state could as follows:

1. Inventorzation of biodiversity of state:
a. Flora of Jharkhand, including lower plants.
b. Fauna of Jharkhand including lower groups.

2. Based on available studies immediately takes majors control and regulate harvesting of species (various taxa)

3. Classify taxa along threat index of species, generate species wise frequency of their abundance. Focus on recommended species for conservation, cultivation, trade regulation and undertake other urgent steps.

4. Recommend appropriate land use pattern for the state in the light of demands of biodiversity conservation of the state.

5. Studies for conservation of biodiversity through the protection of viable areas of habitats and ecosystem mainly through creation of protected area restrain of NP, Sanctuaries, Biosphere, River and Wetlands, Botanical and Zoological Garden, Arborata, Orchidiaria.

6. Identification of violate, inviolate areas and hotspots.

7. Indexing the species along conservation gradient and focus efforts on conservation, rehabilitation, management, cultivation and/or plantation. and then availability based marketing.

8. Identify steps to prevent further loss of species-mix, and pass the scientific findings in a convenient state of art technology module to all stake holder agencies of government and non-government agencies before it is too late and the biodiversity becomes victim of ecological development process including urbanization industrialization, pollution and other related sectors in advertently in our pursuit of methodical material growth and development.

The information base on biodiversity is weak in the state. It should be truthfully confessed; Constantly working on the subject without further loss of time, before it is too late and then we shall have more fossils and list of extinct taxa only to right history of evolution for academic purposes but the human species would suffer the handicap of loosing number of wild cultivars of edible and non-edible species, herbal crop, etc. and in counter more of Chitas and Dinosaurs threatening food web and food chain impacting our ecosystem.

Let us resolve to quickly arrange a halt to this negative preposterous declining trends in our biodiversity. May be the State of Jharkhand provides the leadership in this field.