Future Ready Jharkhand

Concept Note

Jharkhand is widely known as the mineral hub of India, which faces a formidable task of achieving economic growth, inclusive development and environmental sustainability. Effects of climate change and the depleting resource base have put focus on phasing down of fossil fuels for adopting climate mitigation measures such as carbon neutrality and energy transition. This has been the core theme of the international consensus under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change since the Paris Convention in 2015 (COP-21) to the Glasgow Convention in 2021 (COP-26). Further, The commitments made under Glasgow convention to achieve Net Zero Emission have put greater onus on key global players like India in general and Jharkhand in particular.

Key challenges for Jharkhand:

  1. The state has a looming concern of resource depletion in the next 30-40 years, where about 12 coal rich districts (Hazaribagh, Ramgarh, Dhanbad, Bokaro, Giridih, Palamu, Ranchi, Chatra, Latehar, Godda, Pakur and Dumka) are poised to face it!s multiplier effects on the state economy and the people at large.
  2. Jharkhand falls under the climate vulnerable zone which faces a disproportionate burden of environment, land and forest degradation. Jharkhand has 68.98% of its geographical area under desertification and it is among the top five states with highest area under desertification in the country.
  3. In the run up to the Net Zero Emission target of 2070 set by GoI, Jharkhand needs to convert challenges into opportunities to create pathways for a forward looking economy.

    In light of the above context, the Department of Forest, Environment and Climate Change (GoJ) in association with Centre for Environment and Energy Development (CEED) is organising a state level workshop on 09 May 2022 in Ranchi.

Key objectives of the workshop :

• Bring together representatives of key depts/agencies, public sector units, and academic institutions to deliberate for visionary steps for future ready Jharkhand • Facilitating the information exchange of pathbreaking ideas and solutions between policymakers and experts to present roadmap and action plans for strengthening the process of sustainable transition

Contact Details;

Sanjeev Kumar, IFS, APCCF, CAMPA, GoJ; Email- apccfcampaworkshop@gmail.com
Ramapati Kumar, CEO, CEED; Email- ceo@ceedindia.org