Jharkhand CAMPA

Jharkhand CAMPA

Government of Jharkhand vide its Notification No 3/Vanbhumi 21/2009 -3363 dated 23rdOctober, 2009 constituted Jharkhand CAMPAin pursuance to the Ministry of Environment & Forests directive vide its DO No 5-1/2009-FC, dated 21st July, 2009. Jharkhand CAMPA is nota registered as Society under the Societies Registration Act, 1862.

Jharkhand CAMPA receives money collected from user agencies towards compensatory afforestation, additional compensatoryafforestation, penal compensatory afforestation, Net Present Value (NPV), and all other amounts recovered from such agencies underthe Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980, lying with the Ad-hoc CAMPA. It administers the amount received from Ad-hoc CAMPA and utilizes the money for undertaking compensatory afforestation, assisted natural regeneration, conservation andprotection of forests, infrastructure development, wildlife conservation and protection etc.

Aims & Objectives

Jharkhand CAMPA shall seek to promote
  1. conservation, protection, regeneration and management of existing natural forests ;
  2. conservation, protection and management of wildlife and its habitat within and outside protected areas including theconsolidation of the protected areas;
  3. compensatory afforestation;
  4. Environmental services, which include :-

    1. provision of goods such as wood, non-timber forest products, fuel, fodder and water, and provisionof services such as grazing, tourism, wildlife protection and life support;
    2. regulating services such as climate regulation, disease control, flood moderation, detoxification, carbon sequestration| and health of soils, air and water regimes;
    3. non-material benefits obtained from ecosystems, spiritual, recreational, aesthetic, inspirational, educational andsymbolic; and
    4. supporting such other services necessary for the production of ecosystem services, biodiversity, nutrient cyclingand primary production;
  5. Research, training and capacity building.